If you're the type of person who identifies as a "cat person" I'm so glad you're here! I have loved cats for as long as I can remember. Most of us have a hard time imagining our lives without these small house lions and tigers. Cats brighten our days with headbutts, purrs and wild acrobatics.


Allow me to capture your cat’s one of a kind beauty, from the details of their whiskers, purfect paws and the amazing colours of their brilliant eyes.

“What greater gift than
the love of a cat”


A small collection of cat portraits that I've captured. Scroll through the images using the arrows or click an image to expand for a closer view of one of these fantastic felines!

Cosmo 1st1.jpg


You're a cat lover like I am, and I know that our friends can have a mind of their own at times but that's ok! Moments like that make for great shots of those fun feline candid's.

During your session, your cat's well being and comfort are of the utmost importance. We want to make sure that they have a fun time with images that show off their special personality.

Things to Bring:

• A kitty string toy with bells or feathers.

• A carrier to bring them into the studio safely.

• Some cat treats can be very encouraging for our models.

• Crinkly paper or tin foil can get your cat looking at the camera!

• Catnip can be fun for your kitty at the end of the session.

Ready to book?

When you’re ready to book your pet session, I will send you a questionnaire so that I can get to know you and your cat better and prepare the type of gear I’ll need. This will make sure I am prepared to capture your furry friend exactly as they are!