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If you're like me, the love you hold for your dog is immeasurable. There is something so magical about the loving, joyful and lasting relationships we share with our adorable and funny canine buddies. They're not just our best friends, they are our chosen family members.

I want to help you celebrate your dog's individual quirks and the classic faces and expressions that you adore and know all so well. Have memories of your best friend to cherish for a lifetime!

Planning your dog photography experience is all part of the fun! Together, we'll pick a beautiful park or trail around Fredericton to capture your dog's portraits.


“Everyone thinks they have the best dog.

And none of them are wrong.”



A collection of dog portraits that I've captured. Scroll through the images using the arrows or click an image to expand for a closer view of one of these cute canines! 

Booking your session is as easy as checking availability and selecting

a date to capture your pet's portraits. Be sure to check your dog's busy schedule! 

Additional pet packages coming soon!



You're a dog owner like I am. So, I know that our friends are uniquely themselves, they tend to have a mind of their own at times. That's ok! Moments like that make for awesome candid shots, real genuine smiles from everyone & memories to last a lifetime!

During your session, your dog's wellbeing is the top priority. I strive to help make sure that they have a fun time with images that show off their personality.

Things to Bring:

• A clean, nice collar and leash.

• Easy to chew treats. Hot dogs never fail.

• A favourite ball, toy or rope.

• A good attitude! We're going to have fun and things can get silly.

Ready to book?

When you’re ready to book your pet session, I will send you a questionnaire so that I can get to know you and your dog better and prepare the type of gear I’ll need. This will make sure I am prepared to capture your furry friend exactly as they are!