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I'm Karrie

Nice to meet you! 

It’s me! Karrie of Karrie'd Away Creations! Admittedly, I’m a little bit of a nerd when it comes to dogs and cats. I like to think of myself as a nature enthusiast and I'm obsessed with learning about all things to do with Space. I also really love creating and sometimes even make up my own words- If you’ve read my “Contact Me” page, you’ll notice I’ve, unknowingly, combined requests & questions- aka Requestions. 

I share my days with my little family consisting of my wonderful partner Jesse & our five loving and adorable pets. My dog Sampson, my cats Oakley, Cosmo and the newest addition to the crew are two kittens named Wallace + Leonard. You’ll hear me talk about them lots, they are my family after all!


What inspires/interests me the most are the bonds we share with our pets and our relationship with nature.  A few of my favourite things include a hot cup of tea, going for a hike with my dog and some cozy time cuddled up with the kitties. I love listening to music and going to concerts to see bands perform live. if it wasn’t already obvious, I love being creative.

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Growing Up

Born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a wonderful and beautiful patch of the world nestled on the East Coast of Canada.


Growing up in a rural area I was surrounded, and fascinated by nature.  My dad would take me on long hikes in the woods, teaching me about the forest where my love for mother nature grew and grew.

Ever since I can remember I've enjoyed creating and crafts of all kinds and expanding my mind with nature documentaries. When I was little, I wanted to be a cat. I had a backup plan of being an artist if that, by some chance being a cat didn't work out.  Thank goodness for backup plans!

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Art Journey

Throughout school I doodled away in the margins of my notebooks, decorating the outside of my binders with typography and illustrations. I took as many art classes as I possibly could in high school and loved every minute of it.

After graduating high school, I applied to the Foundation Visual Arts Program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design where my creative journey began to take a professional turn.

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In my spare time, I was out in the woods taking photos of my dog on our hikes. I became more and more fascinated with capturing Sampson and decided to apply to NBCCD's Photography program and earned another 2-year diploma.


As a student, my classmates and I were privileged to have use of a full darkroom,  a complete photography studio, professional printing equipment, and industry-standard design software. 

The school and instructors gave us an environment in which to grow, learn and evolve our crafts. It was such a creative and inspiring place to be... which is probably why I spent five years there between 2010-2015. Time very well spent!

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Wallace + Leonard
My Career

After earning my diplomas in Graphic Design & Photography, I set out into the world and had various jobs as a photographer and designer while also offering freelance design and photography when I had the time. I’m grateful for the employment opportunities in the various graphic design and photography fields that have gained me experience and a wealth of knowledge.

I spent a summer with UNB’s “Design Works” teaching the camp kids about photography, stop motion animation and movie making which was a joy to do. Kids are so creative and hilarious! I kept a quote book from all the funny things they said and received cute handmade gifts from my campers.

I spent one autumn with Harvey Studio’s travelling from school to school around the province taking school portraits for kids of all ages. There I learned that making a teenager smile is a whole lot different than getting a pre-school aged kid to crack a grin.


At the beginning of 2020, I made the decision to dedicate my whole heart into my passion, to follow my dreams capturing the bond we share with our pets, my family and creating artwork both

digitally and traditionally.


I’m happiest when I’m getting to create smiles with my creations.

I happily volunteer my time and work doing fundraisers for animal welfare groups like the SPCA. I try to give back to the community and help animals in need whenever I can. I appreciate the people who speak up for animals when they cannot speak for themselves.

If you think we would make a good match to capture your pet and family moments or if you’d like to reach out to talk about your design needs, my inbox is open.



I want to give you an inside look at my world; my personality, my stories and most importantly, my heart. I adore storytelling and found the joys of blog writing combined with the images I work so hard to create and share with you. So here I am, getting Karrie'd Away with yet another creative expression; writing!


To see what I'm getting up to for projects or what has been inspiring me to create lately, check out my blog posts on creation, pets and all this Karrie'd Away!