Karrie Nash  •  Fredericton, NB  •  karr.nash@ gmail.com  •   506-261-6629

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Nice to meet you!
I'm the Karrie of Karrie'd Away Creations.

I was born and raised in a wonderful patch of the world nestled on the East coast of Canada called Fredericton. Growing up in a rural area I was surrounded by nature. My dad would take me on long hikes in the woods, teaching me about the forest, animals and survival tips.

Ever since I can remember I've enjoyed creation, I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be an artist. The idea of creating and making art for a living seemed like such an obvious choice. Throughout school I doodled away in the margins of my notebooks, decorating the outside of my binders with typography and illustrations. I took all the art classes I possibly could while in high school, soaking up everything that I could. 

I'm alumni of the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design where I earned diplomas in Photography & Graphic Design. Students were privileged to have use of a full darkroom,  a complete photography studio, printing equipment, and industry-standard design software. I spent a total of 5 years at NBCCD honing and practicing my crafts...

The things that interest and inspire me the most are the people, pets & places I love. I share my life with my family, my partner Jesse & our pets. The beautiful world around us has incredible sights and colours that we're fortunate to experience and enjoy.