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Preparing for Your
Pet Portrait Session

Expert Tips for the Perfect Photo Session Prep

Preparing for your Pet Session

Getting to Know Your Dog

Your pet's comfort and safety is my top priority. I want their portraits to display their personality at it's best so I'll do my best to make sure your dog has a blast at their photo session and that we get photos of your dog happy, relaxed and playing. Funny faces included! 

I start every session by getting your dog used to me and my camera and gauging how comfortable they are with me before we begin the shoot. I have plenty of tips to help you and your dog have a great session with me and I know all kinds of tricks and motivators for those wiggly, silly dogs that we just love so much!

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Let Karrie'd Away Creations Showcase the Best in Your Pets

Tips for 
Your Session

I want you to get the very best out of your session!

I've put together some tips to help you plan ahead and keep things running smoothly and to ensure your dog has a great time when they have their pictures taken.

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If you have a young pooch or a dog who is energetic it's a good idea to plan something to burn off some of that energy before our session. 

Take them for a brisk walk, play a game of fetch, do some training and practicing obedience are ways to give them mental stimulation. 

I hear that they say that a tired dog is a good dog!


If you have an aging dog with some mobility issues, I factor that into our location selection.

For our older friends who have a hard time on long walks, I'll choose a location that makes for an easy walk and we will avoid areas with large hills or obstacles. 

I can take your pet's portraits from the comfort of your own backyard or we can arrange an in-home session.


To capture your dog's portraits I give you a mix of candid and posed images. I love it when I can get a shot where your pet's eyes really connect with you.


To get those kinds of shots, I need a good sit for at least 3 seconds. Try practicing your dog's sit/stay at home and out on walks if you worry about their ability to sit still. During their session, we can keep up with training to make it a positive experience!


I know a few tricks to get your dog's attention!

Ok... it's mostly me making weird whistles and sounds, but it usually seems to impress the dogs and that's what counts!

If you know any funny noises or phrases that never fail to make them tilt their heads, by all means, let's use that to our advantage to capture those expressions that you love and adore. 


What to Expect

I bring a few things with me in my toolkit: a squeaker to get that head tilting and those perky ears, a retractable leash for when the dog is calm and not able to be off-leash. It helps us keep your dog safe and is easy for me to remove in editing.

​Full disclosure: My outfit will not be cute! I wear pants and shoes that I don't mind getting a bit dirty! I spend a good deal of time kneeling if not fully on the ground.  


At the end of a session, I'll likely have some new dog hair to add to the collection, a few muddy paw prints, and some dirt on my knees.

All part of the fun!


Tell Me About Your Dog

I want to know all about your best friend, your family member and your chosen companion. When you fill out this form, it helps prepare me for the session's location, the tools I use to captivate and motivate your dog and it gives you a chance to tell me about their personality and some of their funny quirks that make them special.

Getting to know Your Dog

Traning Level
Dog's Age
What Motivates Your Dog?
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