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Meet The Karrie of 
Karrie'd Away Creations

Combining a passion for design, love for animals and photography to create artwork.

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About Karrie’d Away Creations

Contemporary Pet Photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario and surrounding areas

The joy our pets bring us throughout our lifetime is a unique form of love, one that I can’t live without. Karrie’d Away Creations was brought to fruition from my lifelong love of animals and the excitement I experience when capturing moments and memories with the art of photography.

Self portrait of woman with curly hair and classes with a smile and the sun shining behind her
Posing and photographing a dog in a green field

Karrie’d Away offers you both on location, Outdoor and Studio portrait sessions. My goal is to create portraits that capture the unique quirks that you adore about your pets. Our pets are the chosen and cherished furry family members that make our houses, “home”. 


Together we can choose a scenic location to explore with your dog, or we can create contemporary studio portraits of your pet. Whichever you choose, your Karrie’d Away Creations portrait experience is sure to make you smile as we highlight your pet’s one of a kind personality. Each experience is customised to your pet, their personality and their needs. 

About Karrie

Hi, I’m Karrie! The “Karrie” of Karrie’d Away Creations.

I’ve been obsessed with animals for as long as I can remember and as a little girl I fell in love with nature documentaries from the wonderful David Attenborogh. I’m fascinated with big cats, our little house lions and the wolves we domesticated and brought into our homes in their many forms. I am happiest when I am with the animals I love! 

portrait of woman wearing business attire with straight dark brown hair and a smile on a yellow background
Seated self portrait of woman with dark curly hair and glasses holding a camera seated in a teal chair

When I’m not taking photos of pets, I love nothing more than enjoying hikes with my dog Sampson and snuggles with a blanket and my kitty, Cosmo. Together we love exploring trails in nature and the beautiful forests of New Brunswick.


My love of photography came from wanting to capture my pets to always be able to remember them and to document them as they grew. That passion grew even more when I decided to pursue an education in photography at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

At Karrie’d Away Creations, we want to showcase your pet in all their brilliance by turning their portraits into wall art, customised albums or keepsake boxes to be cherished and seen in your home and not forgotten as a file left on your computer or phone.

Office mock up with a desk and framed portrait of a german shepherd
Sam + Mo Winter-1.jpg

The Pets of Karrie’d Away

My pet family is made up of my senior dog Sampson and my bold and adventurous tabby cat, Cosmo. These two are responsible for many smiles, laughs and sighs throughout the day. I couldn’t picture life without them.

portrait of a large brindle dog standing facing forward in the woods during winter
portrait of a dog taken from above where the dog is looking up wearing a forest green bandana

Sampson, also called Sam, Sambalamb, Sammy Jam, Salmon and many other ridiculous nicknames, is my big, goofy boy. Over the 11, almost 12 years that he’s been my companion, his rambunctious hijinks and playful ways often have me shaking my head and laughing countless times. 

Whether he’s rolling a basketball around with his snoot or creating absolute mayhem in water by splashing, barking and biting the water, this fella knows how to have a wild good time. His face turns grey more and more with each passing day, but he still lives his life to the maximum with his silliness.

a dog seated during winter wearing a red collar with a bow looking off to the left in the woods

This tiny cat has a larger than life personality, she’s a whole lotta feline in a little body! Her best friend in the whole world is Sampson, she absolutely adores “Her Dog”. Wherever Sam goes, Mo goes, and if she can’t go where Sam goes… she will voice her concerns. Loudly.

portrait of a black tabby cat seated on a small chair with christmas decorations in the background
photo of black tabby kitten sitting in a beam of sunlight on a dark hardwood floor
Photo of a black tabby posed on a white background with silver stars

Cosmo, aka Mo, Baby Mo, Moses, MoMo, Wild Child, Lil’ Girl and many more, is my tabby cat. This 6 pound cat is bold and firmly believes she is a small tigress and acts accordingly. One of her favourite activities is fetch and to be honest, she is better at it than Sampson because instead of parading around with it, she will actually bring it to me and drop it… (take notes, Sam).

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