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Cosmo's 1st Birthday!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Our little kitten Cosmo is officially a big girl! On August 28th she celebrated her first year and of course, what kind of pet photographer would I be if I didn't capture this milestone? I obviously had to create an out of this world theme for my cosmic kittie's birthday photos.

Cosmo is a wild lady with a whole lot of character. Some of the things I love about her are that she's so brave for being all of 7.5 pounds, her purr is so loud and she is a snuggle beast. She has brought us so many laughs since we adopted her last November, it's hard to picture our little family without her now.

I couldn't be happier that this weird little tabby joined our family. Her personality is larger than life and she's unapologetically Cosmo. It's remarkable how quickly became a member of the crew, best friend's with Sampson and she is the typical pesky little sister to our 6 year old cat Oakley.

Sure, she randomly licks my face in the night when I'm sleeping.

And yes, she likes to purr and bite and my fingers, but it's in a nice way.

And yeah, she likes to get wild with the bath mats and tear them apart, but she has fun.

I just love all the strange ways she shows her affection and have let go of the many household items that bit the dust since we brought her home!

Her hobbies include:

• Chasing moths that enter the house

• Chirping at the crows outside

• Biting Oakley's bum and ambush attacks

• Kneading and Purring

Her Sampson obsessions include:

• Running to watch Sampson drink

• Rubbing up on Sampson

• Attempting to eat what Sampson is eating

• Meowing at the door when Sampson is outside

• Licking Sampson's tail

• General tom foolery that bothers Sampson

Happy 1st Birthday Cosmo, you wild thing, you! <3

I want to give a special thank you to my partner, Jesse! He helped me wrangle the wild Cosmo and lure her into position with toys and treats. He makes a great cat herder and we had lots of laughs. I couldn't have done it without him!

I hope you enjoy all these wild faces as much as I enjoyed taking them!

* This grumpy face is for my partner Jesse. He wanted one where she did her mean face! LOL <3

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