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Dog's Walks to Picaroons | 2022

We couldn't have gotten better weather for the Group Dog's Walk to Picaroon's Roundhouse!

We sure made a lot of folks around Fredericton stop and smile as the dogs strutted their stuff downtown and across the Walking Bridge. I absolutely love joining the walks to document the fun and enjoy the dogs and The Roundhouse. Everyone did phenomenally with the walk and by the looks of things, the dogs had a blast.

The joy of Dog's Walks is that you're led by a highly experienced trainer to guide you and your dog along the way. Sandra will give you tips and advice on how to engage with your dog and practice as you go. Your dog will love learning and getting out and about!

Sandra Mihan hosts Dog's Walks and has been actively working with dogs since 1997. Her list of experience and qualifications includes agility, puppy obedience, canine good neighbour assessments, and much more! She's there to give you advice and help you and your dog navigate the world confidently.

On walks, the dogs and handlers practice loose leash walking and other handy manners for walking with your best friend. Sandra offers different routes and dogs of all skill levels are encouraged to participate.

If you're asking yourself, "Wow, this looks fun! How do my dog and I get in on this?" then you're going to want to follow Dog's Walks! Check out their Facebook page for details and the scheduled walks!

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