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Just Fur Fun Agility at the OSPCA | Week 2

Week 2 | The second week of Just Fur Fun Agility saw the dogs grow more and more confident and self-assured with each pass through the course. They're really getting the hang of things and showing off just how smart they are.

They may have had new obstacles added, but by the end of the class, all the dogs had them down pat. Things got stepped up a bit by adding in a few new obstacles into the mix.

The dogs met the Weave Poles and the A-Frame laying horizontally. A few other elements changed for the dogs, too. The Dog Walk obstacle had been raised up off of the ground and a Shute was added to the end of a tunnel.

Scroll down to see the dogs and their successes and some of their goofy faces, too. Want to see how Week 1 went? Catch up on the fun here!

Visit the Oromocto SPCA Facebook page, Instagram, and website for more info on the fun classes they have organized for this summer for you and your pets!

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