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Our New Kitten: Cosmo

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I have exciting news! We have added a new member to the family, a small, wild little thing named Cosmo. It's been a long time since I've had my own little kitten. It's been so fun to watch her personality unfold and watch her grow. Let me waste no time introducing you to this little girl who has become a part of our crew.

This kitten has a big personality and deserved a name as mighty as she is, so we called her Cosmo. She is a brave and adventurous girl! Exploring and playing are her top priorities and she doesn't seem phased by much at all. She will play with anything she can, including my socks, which have been turning up in interesting places around the house.

Her favorite activities include;

• Mad dashes from one end of the house to another.

• Hit and run styled attacks on anything that moves.

• Running at top speeds through her cat tubes.

• Being a rascal in the jungle made of our house plants.

• Playing in bags and boxes.

• Wild behavior on the stairs.

• General ruckus causing.

• Big time purrs about food.

She had no problem meeting Oakley and Sampson, in fact, she introduced herself before we had a chance to do slow and controlled introductions. Apparently, she can easily fit through our baby gate to our surprise! In a matter of days, she was attempting to head-butt each both Sampson and Oakley to show her affection for her new family. Oakley took a while to enjoy her, he is often seen tolerating her snuggles while looking highly annoyed that his nap spot has been infiltrated. They now play and chase one another up and down the stairs and Oakley is now enjoying her company during catnap time.

At first, Sampson was overjoyed at a new kitten in the house and spent the first week happily watching her zoom about. I'm pretty certain he was tired out just following her when she ran from one room to the next. She very easily bamboozles him with her speed and has left him waiting, tail wagging, for her reappearance from behind the couch. Cosmo will curl up next to his paws and purr while she swirls under his chin. They've become fast friends despite the huge size difference!

Our little Cosmo was adopted from the Oromocto and Area SPCA, an organization that I love! She was surrounded through their amazing P.A.L program which stands for "prevent another litter". The program allows people who have had accidental litters to bring the kittens in for adoption and Momma cat spayed.

To our surprise, she was the very last of her litter to be adopted. When the rest of her mates had found homes, she put up a fuss about being left on her own and was granted access to their cat room to romp about and enjoy the company of the other cats. We knew that her longing to be around other cats would make her a good fit for our little ragtag crew!

We've really been enjoying all the perks of getting a baby cat, from snugging, purring and playing to kitten stampedes, ninja attacks out of nowhere and not being safe bed under your sheets because Cosmo is practicing to be a hunter.

If you didn't get your full kitten fix, don't worry! I'll have plenty more photos of her to come. For now, you can check out these ones taken during Cosmo's first week home with us right here!

Visit the Oromocto & Area SPCA when you're ready to adopt your new best friend, like Cosmo.

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