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Our Family Just Grew!

We have such exciting news to share with you! Our family has just gained its newest member. Today is his first day at our house and he's already made himself quite at home here with us. He is confidently exploring the house and the many windows he now has for bird watching. He's even found himself some comfy places to stretch out for a cap nap, including both mine and Jesse's laps.

Without further a due, I'd like to introduce you to Arnold!

Arnold was so affectionate and chatty, Jesse couldn't help but say, "Hey buddy!" to him on our way into the cat room at the Oromocto SPCA. I believe that it was this exact moment Arnold cast his spell. Jesse was officially charmed by this big, happy fella.

We spent some time in the cat room petting a smaller year old kitty who would we thought would make a great playmate for Cosmo. But something drew us back to this huge, handsome man, Arnold. At the last minute, we made our choice and filled out an adoption form. We decided that Arnold would be a welcome addition to the family.

Arnold is our first older adopted feline at 3 years old and he already feels familiar to us. Maybe it's because he looks just like our girl Cosmo, only he's twice as big. Or maybe because his magnetic charm was so strong that he worked his way right into our hearts. His sweet and kind personality really won us over and we're happy to have him home with us.

We love the way Arnold purr's so loudly, he loves to be loved. He's a chatty fella and is always rolling our little meows, especially if you talk to him. I've noticed that he enjoys really stretching out his long body and I love seeing him make himself comfortable here in our home.

We've had some slow and controlled introductions to Oakley, Sampson, and Cosmo. Arnold is eager to meet them, but the cats a bit hesitant. Sampson has already done some really long down, stays with Arnold laying on the floor no more than 3 feet away with excellent impulse control.

I have a feeling that everyone will be napping in the living room with us in the evenings in no time.

Arnold is a rescue cat from the Oromocto and Area SPCA, they're a wonderful organization! If you're looking to meet your new best friend, I seriously suggest making an appointment to visit their cat room and let a cat into your heart. If you're an animal lover who can't adopt a pet, please consider donating and volunteering. The animals and staff will thank you.

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