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The Tail of Sir Ralphy

I have a bittersweet cat-tail to share with you but don't worry... it's got a really happy ending!

My partner Jesse and I recently fell in love with a big, happy tabby cat named Arnold and brought him home to live with us from the Oromocto SPCA. Arnold settled in great at our house and was a very delightful addition! He fit in like he'd been here all along. We marveled at how well adjusted he was, how kind and affection he was and we wondered how such a good cat like him could have been at a shelter after clearly being so well cared for.

It was no coincidence that Arnold was a very good-natured kitty who was used to being in a home because you see... Arnold is actually Sir Ralphy.

Let me REintroduce you to Sir Ralphy!

After we adopted Arnold (Sir Ralphy), the OSPCA got in contact with us and informed us that they had some folks reach out to them saying that Arnold was potentially their missing cat! Being cat lovers ourselves, Jesse and I imagined just how much they missed their cat and how devastated they must have been.

The Oromocto SPCA called me and told me just how much this family missed their cat. Without a doubt, Jesse and I knew that we had to reunite Sir Ralphy with his family who loved him. And as much as we loved him and enjoyed this happy feline, we knew in our hearts that there were a lot of people who would love to hear his loud purr in their household once again.

I made arrangements with OSPCA to coordinate Sir Ralphy's return home to his family. But not without making this handsome gentleman pose for me in the studio again before we said our good-byes.

We're so thankful for the time we had with Arnold but also so very happy to have reunited Sir Ralphy with his adoring family, including a little boy who I'm sure is over the moon happy to have his best friend back. We sent Sir Ralphy home with a little care package which included some fresh catnip, a few toy mice and a note telling his family just how much we enjoyed their cat's company!

Good-Bye, Arnold... erm, I mean... Sir Ralphy!

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