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My love for pets and nature inspires me behind the camera and influences my design work and creations. I create colourful, and fun portraits of your pets and family and offer a range of design and creative services in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Some would say I wear many hats, but who

doesn't love to have options!?

I'm a Photographer as well as Designer. I capture and create.
My photography allows me to capture beautiful memories of your dogs and cats, along with the people who love them.

I am able to showcase rescues and their fosters, adoptables as well as responsible breeders. I also get to design many different items from custom illustrations for all and designing/ branding for
small businesses locally as well as internationally.

Being able to express my creativity and highlight those special things brings me so much joy.




The Golden Years Cake Smash


Join me on my journey! Follow on Instagram to stay up to date with my latest adventures in photography. I can promise dogs and cats, of course.

Cats and dogs, right this way folks!

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I offer a wide range of photo and design services enabling you to choose the package that's perfect for your memories or build your brand's identity. My areas of specialty are pet and family photography, branding and custom creations

dog photo

Capture portraits of your pets in all the stages of their lives.


Memories captured and cherished of your loved ones for years to come.

Bumblebee Home Cleaning Services-_Logo -

Visualizing and refining your brand and

its unique identity with design.


Creating custom illustrations and hand-lettered home decor.

You can book a session or start your branding project with a simple message.

I would be thrilled to hear all about your ideas and help refine your brand.


Studio Sessions

Hello, I'm Karrie!

I share my life with my partner and our three adorable and amazing pets. I mean it when I say my pets are my best friends. My little family is made up of my dog Sampson, my cat Oakley and the newest member is a tabby kitten named Cosmo.


An ideal day in- the-life would have coffee/tea, adventuring in the woods with Sampson and finishing off with couch cuddles with my four-best companions.

Being an artist has been a dream of mine since childhood. I was so excited when that dream became a reality when I graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design with a diploma in Graphic Design & Photography!

My photography and design work are inspired and greatly influenced by my love of the natural world. You’ll often find my portraits utilize a natural background and most of my creations feature florals and many elements from nature.

Read more about me + my pets:





Getting to do what I love brings me so much joy. I truly adore getting feedback from clients and pet owners! If I have had the pleasure of photographing you or your pets, I’d love to hear what your Karrie’d Away experience was like.

Share your thoughts with me HERE!



I am so incredibly thankful to have been published and have my pet photography featured and printed in such amazing magazines.


I'd be more than happy to talk with you. My inbox is open for session bookings, any questions you might have, and set up consultations for quotes for your design projects. 

I'm always happy to help fundraise and photograph animals in need of adoption. Let me know if you're an animal welfare organization in the subject.

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