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A Dog Named K9

Today I want to take some time to send love to K9's family as they remember him. 💕

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra and taking K9's portraits earlier this summer to celebrate passing his diagnosed life expectancy. In my time with him during our session K9 was an absolute delight, his little beard gave him a wise and kind face. It was easy to tell how much love, dedication and trust was put into their bond with one another.

K9 was a best friend, a faithful companion, and a ribbon winning athlete! He competed in the Canadian National Agility Championships where his determination won them a ribbon to take home. I can only image the feelings of pride and love from his family. His family describes him as, "a small dog with a huge heart and an even bigger zest for life."

He leaves behind his human's and all who loved him, including his dog sibling, Cardhu. He leaves quite a legacy of love along with the immeasurable and priceless memories and smiles he's created over his lifetime.

I love every minute that I get to spend photographing your dogs. From those first excited greetings with tail wags and wiggle bums to me laying on the ground whistling to get head tilts, I enjoy each and every moment of a pet session.

The fun doesn't stop for me when they session ends and I say goodbye to you and your dogs. I go home and then spend countless hours looking at their sweet faces on my computer screen, excitedly waiting to give you your gallery filled with faces of your well loved dogs.

But all of that pales in comparison to the lifetime of love and laughter that they give you and your family. Our dogs are some of the most valued members of our families and households and when their time comes to say good-bye, they leave us feeling hollow and lost without them.

To all the pet owners, including Sandra's family, who know this hurt, my heart is with you and so are the heart's of every dog owner who know the love of a Good Dog. Rest easy, K9.

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