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Isabelle's Visit at our House

Isabelle came to visit at our house! We've had a fun week at home with two dogs and two cats, the entertainment has been nonstop and we've had so many laughs with her. We enjoyed some sunny days relaxing out on the deck and playing fetch in the yard, along with cuddles on the couch at night with some Netflix.

Since we had such a pretty house guest, I obviously took advantage of her talent and took some portraits of her. My backyard has a few fern-filled nooks and crannies that I thought would compliment her gorgeous red hair.

She wasn't a huge fan of sitting still for the camera at first and my usual whistles, squeaks and yips didn't captivate her attention. Then I decided to say the word "treat" and I got some perky ears. I knew I had to make good on my promise and headed inside to grab some treats.

When the offer of treats was part of the deal, she was more than happy to offer her pretty sit and was ready to pose. Once I figured out that treats were going to motivate Isabelle, she was a lot more willing to sit in a patch of ferns for me.

What gets your dogs attention? Do they like whistles, squeaks or do they have a favourite phrase? Or are they more like Isabelle... the "Will Work for Food" type?

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