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Just Fur Fun Agility | Week 3

Week 3 of Just Fur Fun Agility saw the dogs tackle new obstacles in the course and leveled up on their previously learned skills. With each week, the dogs and their people are growing more and more confident with each new challenge!

We're seeing bonds between the dogs and the owners grow stronger as the dogs trust and rely on their people to find out, "what fun is next?"

This week, the teeter was introduced into the mix. The teeter moves as the dogs cross it, but with plenty of reinforcement, the dogs understood that it may move a bit, but it's no big deal because their people are there to help, and there are treats along the way.

The most rewarding part of being able to capture and watch this fun activity is seeing the happiness from all of us when the dogs really do well! There's plenty of cheering and clapping when we see those successes. Then, of course, there are the bloopers, silly moments in between, and with dogs, there's never a dull moment.

Each dog has their own unique style, personality, and strengths! Check out this week's round of photos below!

Sometimes the dogs enjoy a little romp with one another between their turns!

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