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Oromocto & Area SPCA Pet Photos with Santa!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

What a fantastic turnout for Pet Photos with Santa, Mrs. Claws, and Frosty!

A huge thank you to all of you who came with your pets and families to help make this a really phenomenal fundraiser for the Oromocto & Area SPCA at Scott's Nursery! All of your pets and families with their holiday spirits were a delight to photograph and you made me smile more times than I could possibly count.

What does the Oromocto SPCA do?

The Oromocto & Area SPCA does INCREDIBLE things for our community and the animals we share our lives with. They have amazing services to help animals in need. They're the folks who work tirelessly to look after the animals who have endured physical and psychological trauma, pets who have been abandoned, abused, or who are unwanted.

They promote and advocate for responsible pet ownership through public education and provide suitable homes for adoptable animals. They are the animal heroes in our community!


Did you know about their Kibble Food Bank? The Kibble Food bank was created to help the caregivers of pets in need and who face financial barriers. This initiative helps keep animals in their homes and with the people who love them. Registration for the program is simple, non-invasive and they're there to help.


What about the PAL Program? Did you know that the Oromocto & Area SPCA offers their PAL -Prevent Another Litter Program to pet owners who have had an accidental litter? Accidents happen! They help by spaying your female cat or dog for FREE and the entire litter is surrendered to be adopted out. This ensures that your pet's babies go to approved homes where they'll be loved and cared for. You can send an email to them for more information!

These are just a few of their services! Visit their website to see more ways that they help our furry companions and our community.

How Can You Help?

If you're passionate about animal welfare and want to help out animals in need, they have so many ways that you can volunteer, including:

Dog Walking – The dogs love getting out for walks, sniffing, and stretching their legs. It's great stimulation for them, and for you! Volunteers will be matched with a dog who is a good fit for them. Volunteers for dog walking must be 14+.

Cat Walking – Fresh air for the felines in the safety of a stroller! Cat walks are perfect for those younger volunteers.

Kennel Support – You can help clean the dog and cat rooms and assist with feeding, grooming, and care of the animals.

General Maintenance – Help comes in all forms, from lawn mowing, snow removal, repairs, and painting, your help is appreciated.

Fundraising – Volunteer to help out with special events such as the Annual Yard sale, Pet photos with Santa, Easter Bunny Brigade, Ticket Sales, and more!

How Can You Donate?

Donations are always welcome and needed! By providing funds, you're able to aid the Oromocto & Area SPCA to help with the continued care of animals in need. This ranges from medical supplies, food for the animals, and pet supplies to enrich the lives of the animals in their care. Your donations are always appreciated and you know your money is going to a worthy cause.

There are many options to donate! You can send an e-transfer to, by mail, over the phone, and in person!

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